My Practice

The body is an intelligent being.  It works as one functioning unit all in a perfect balance within itself.  But life happens. Life can throw off this balance, it can create blocks in your system preventing the intelligent from fully expressing itself.  I work to seek out those blocks throughout the system and work with your body to remove them in order for optimum health.

I use a hands on manual approach to assess and treat the body. I will look not only at the musculoskeletal system but also the Craniosacral, fluidic, visceral (organs), pressure, and myofascial systems. Each of them as important as the next and all working in synchronicity together.

I will use a variety of techniques including but not limited to Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral techniques, Myofascial release, Joint Manipulation, Muscle Energy as well as Fluidic and Electromagnetic work.

You may come in with a shoulder issue, but the root issue may not be the shoulder.  Yes, you may have pain in the shoulder even an issue such a tendonitis, frozen shoulder or an impingement syndrome and so on. Unless there was a specific impact to that shoulder, it may just be a compensation for something more pressing elsewhere. I will be looking not just at the shoulder you’ve come in for, but I will be looking at your body as a whole system and how that shoulder is now impacted.