Wear something comfortable and easy to move in, cotton is the best.
Bring copies of any test results you have, which might include X-rays, MRI’s or ultrasounds. 
Initial treatments are 75 minutes. They include a full intake, assessment and treatment.

Following treatments are ideally 60 minutes, but 45 and 30 minute treatments are also available. They also include an assessment and treatment, but the intake is shorter.

Due to COVID-19, you may arrive early for your appointment, but please wait outside on the grass or in your car. I will come get you when it is your appointment time. 
Yes, I am a Registered Massage Therapist and provide receipts. The techniques that I use such as Myofascial Release, Visceral and Craniosacral are covered under my scope of practice as a RMT.

I am currently doing my thesis in Post-Concussion Syndrome to complete my six year training to receive my Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice, and will not be able to provide Osteopathic receipts till I have completed my Thesis. 

Absolutely! During pregnancy your body shifts and moves to make room for your baby. Osteopathic techniques can help your body adapt to these shifts.

Thank you for coming in during this time. As I will NOT be able to maintain social distancing throughout the appointment there is an increase risk of transmission.  I am open to discussing all your questions and concerns.

Covid-19 pre-screening: There are two pre-screenings to be done. You will receive a email survey the day before and a text with a link the morning of your appointment.

Waiting Room: I ask everyone to please wait in your car or outside on the grass. The waiting room is small and is there for three small business’. We will do our best at keeping it clean, but the safest way to wait is outside. I will come and get you when it is your appointment time.

PLEASE come alone. Do not bring friends or other family members to your appointments. If they come, they will need to stay outside or in the car. This is of course unless you are a minor then ONE parent or guardian can accompany you. 

Appointment Time: Firstly when you arrive to the appointment, I will ask you to do a thorough hand washing in the washroom before you enter the treatment area. http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/prevention-risks/hand-washing Once your hands and my hands are washed, we can proceed with the appointment, please do not touch your face or phone throughout the appointment or I will need you to wash your hands again. There will be sanitizing gel and tissues provided as well. 

Please come to your appointment with A MASK and appropriate clothing; shorts or lounge wear slacks, tank tops/loose t-shirts, regular bras are easier compared with sports bras then i will be able to access your whole spinal column ..etc. Something that is loose fitting with easy fabric like cotton. 

I will only have one sheet and face cover on the table so you’re not laying on straight vinyl. This is less than I normally have so it may be a little less cozy than normal (sorry about that), and may be cooler when lying on the table. I do not have a blanket for everyone as I would have to wash each one after use – so if you are someone that tends to be cool, please bring something that we can drape over you (a sweater, light blanket, scarf…). 

I will be more punctual during the appointment and will be ending the appointment on time and not going into the ‘extra’ time between appointments. That extra time is now to clean and sanitize. 

Payment – I accept cash, cheque, visa-debit,  e-transfers and credit cards.

Cleaning and Sanitizing: I have ordered industrial cleaner and sanitizer to clean the door handles, chairs, tables, washroom, floor … etc in between each patient. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):   Face masks ARE mandatory.  If you have your own mask please bring it with you! I have disposable masks for purchase as well as clean cloth masks to borrow if you do not have your own or if you forgot it at home. 

I will be taking a covid-19 self test daily as well as taking my temperature every morning. 

If your extended medical benefits require a doctors referral for coverage, then yes, bring the referral with you. Otherwise, you do not need a referral.